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No daily ita post today because it's boring :) I was quite inspired by this post by LJ user lauran:

...and decided to do my own VW wardrobe post. I've not got that much stuff and I've no VW clothes because I'm too fat, but hey.

So first is my jewellery:

I got the heart earrings as an xmas present from my husband and for some reason they came with a little rock sweet. The rest I bought for myself...heart wing necklace, cream x pink orb necklace and pearl bracelet

VW jewellery

Next is my was licenced only in Japan and I bought it from a shopping service over there. It's covered in macarons, which I LOVE but I've not worn it yet because the colours are too bright and this is not loliable! It also isn't really the season, maybe one day in Autumn I'll wear something 'normal' and possibly get round to wearing this. I probably should have just actually bought and eaten some macarons instead of getting drawn into buying this!

VW scarf

I bought some VW sunglasses and they finally arrived today (damn you parcel force!)...they've got orbs engraved in the arms and cute little diamantes on the inside...quite adorable!

VW sun 1VW sun 2Photobucket

I've only got two pairs of VW x melissa shoes simply because the lady dragons fire up my bad hip. I like the ballerina flats and wear them a fair bit, but not on days that are too hot as they can get a bit uncomfortable when my feet perspire. I'm looking forwards to Autumn'll hopefully be dry but a bit cooler so I can wear these but with socks.

VW x mel shoes

...and lastly is nothing new, but my pride and joy, my rocking horse shoes ^^ I saved xmas and birthday money up and saved up myself worth it!

VW RH shoes

Next on the shopping list is an Ebury bag, but I reckon I'll have to finance it the same way as with as my RH shoes (or do I want a Louis Vuitton bag!?)